God`s abundantly love

We all have a life where our actions show what we love in life. What our minds and hearts are occupied with, is what we speak about, put  our effort and time into, and what we will give more to accomplish to make happen.

Is this something that just happen in our life,

or does our everyday choices make us who we are?

What do you think?

Might there be a choice we take unconsciously or by termination?

I think there is both. I believe that if we are aware of our priorities in life, then we will also be aware of what it would have to take to accomplish these goals or dreams.

What you love in life determines your willingness to walk down the path that directs you to your dreams. Honesty will see you through the obstacles and reach the finish line. Each obstacle puts us on a choice, a choice to put first on the ladder what we love the most. What we put first makes the whole difference if we get past the obstacle or not.


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Fight for your rights

Do you know what a silent victory is…

It is a victory where we come to the point that our flesh becomes silent and we just trust God.

So often we have so much noise in our head or around us that we cannot seem to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit clear enough. We might hear it, but there are so many other sounds that compete or distract so we struggle more than we need too.

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Make Life Fun Living

The benefits of food are so many and when we implement them into our daily living our healthy lifestyle gets permanent results. This book covers simple tips and recipes to include in your daily meals or you can make it into a detox to get more energy, glowing skin and many more good benefits.

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Soul & Body Detox

The beauty detox solution

Most of us live on detox food in our everyday life without even knowing it. Lots of vegetables and fruits have detox effects, along with different spice and with knowledge around the benefit we can put them together for a benefitable detox plan.

Detox is just a word that produce a good clean up in our system. It is not something that is hard to follow through or take a lot of effort. The main thing is to be aware of our habits and just change the ones we are not satisfied with to the ones that gives us the benefit we want.

You are in charge of your life. You have the control of your thoughts, habits and where you want to see changes. All you have to do is reflect around what areas you want to see a change and what effort you want to put into it. When you have decided that, stick to it and be pretty proud of yourself for taking charge over your life and driving it down the path you want it to go. 

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Walk on Water

Your invited to

You never know the value of your walk to others. Did you know that we are a living business card?

That who you are and what you do actually are being watched and followed by others.

You might think that you are invisible, that who you are and what you do never puts a signature in this world. BUT IT DOES.

We all go through lives seasons – in all its colors – and we put on our glasses of previous memories and experiences and in the best way after our ability to see the world around us clear. But sometimes it is blur – and often when it is blur – we look to see and listen what the world around us are doing. How they are managing their colors. So, You see, You are being observed – being watched – making a difference in others life. No matter if you know it or not.

You might think that it is your perfect walk that make you change the world, but it is not necessarily that.

Is it not often that we look for others that speak the same language that we do, our common tribe – for to truly understand someone is to know their language, and in order to do so, you have to had walked in the same shoes they use. And that is why – our darkest ashes – are made beautiful. Because we never truly know the value of our walk, both to ourselves and to others.

And by flipping our point of view on what we might see as trash to make it into gold – just by acknowledge the value of our walk and its purpose – it makes the day shine even in the hardest mountain walk – it makes our steps easy. Because our purposes are eternal. And through Christ Jesus we have boldness and access with confidence by the faith of him. It is not our own faith we are building on – did you know that? We do not live after the faith of our souls. WE – live by the faith of him! (Ephesians 3.12)



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