Sharing with you my pecan jolly breakfast. This reminds me so much of the mixed roasted honey nuts we have for Christmas. 

Pecan nuts have lots of fiber and antioxidants that boost your body. All the fiber promotes colon and helps to clean the gastrointestinal system, and also can prevent constipation. It is a good helper if you need to lose weight because it increases the metabolism. It also has anti-inflammatory benefits because of the magnesium level in pecan nuts. And the best thing is that it tastes just great.

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Energy Smoothie

Autumn is such a lovely season with all its color and the amazing light and foggy mornings. The only thing I do not like about autumns in Norway is that it is getting colder. As you might have found out, I just love food pictures and to find the right angel and light to just reflect the food in a good way. For the last months I have been working on several projects and have not had time to this hobby so I am sharing my old pictures with you. Hope to get time for this hobby in October, in a new location. Will keep you updated.

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How to become a Lojal Customer

Thank you for visiting my blog and taking time to read about how to become a Lojal Customer.

You can go to my website and order products.

As a Lojal Customer you get 40 % off retail price on all your products and free membership.

You may sign inn by your self when ordering or message me and let me know what your questions are.  

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