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There are 3 mistakes people do when they detox….

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There are 3 MISTAKES people do when they go on a DETOX DIET,

  1. They do not drink enough water
  2. They often use the wrong fat to balance the meal – like coconut oil – it is healthy in small amounts, but in large amounts and using it on long term may damage your digestion system and it is also hard to get out of the system once used often. Many prefer to use coconut oil without telling about the long-term harm it can make if you do not use it correctly.
  3. The last one is to not include fiber and energy that keeps your muscle intact and working as they should. If you do not keep the good nutrisoins going into your body while detoxing, it can prevent stress and craving after the wrong food and it makes it harder than necessary to continue.

Dates is something I have found to be perfect both when you are doing a detox diet but also when you are having a lot of craving after sugar.

There are so many benefits in dates that it is recommended to take 1 each day, and because of the great amount of benefits they preferred as the best benefit for muscle development.

Within 30 minutes you get the benefits kicking in your body with energy, and also the good benefits for your digestion system. The high amount of potassium makes regulates the nervous system and keeps you sharp and maintaining a good brain activity.

The high level of fiber regulates the digestion system, and that is especially important when you change your diet and your stomach needs to adjust to the new food.




Is a good day…

To start a new path…

It is possible…

You can make it!

You will make it!

It is all in your mindset…

Just breath and take the step…


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