Want a sharper memory…

Keep your brain younger…

Continually challenging your brain with tasks, lots of sleep & exercise has a reputation of given more brain capacity and sharpens your brain. 

But did you know that there are also other ways that have the same effect?





A List of brain energy tips

  • Green Tea
  • Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower
  • Squash
  • Onion, all types





Energy tips for your brain

I am a tea lover, and most of the time I love it green. Like Matcha tea has a lot of benefitable effects both to boost energy but also to give your brain some good capacity to work like you want it too. The benefits of Matcha relieves stress and increases mental energy. It is propped with antioxidants.

General green tea has also good benefits for the flow of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to your brain. It sharpens and gives better concentration up to 18 % on your short-term memory, and 25 % on your long-term memory with enjoying 2-3 cups a day. The reason for this good effect is the EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate).

Ever felt like your brain would not wake up – like it is a foggy day… and it just would not let the shine come through. There is some veggies that is very benefitable when your brain has foggy days; broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower are some of them. Just eating 3 cups of this weekly can prevent or clear out brain fog in just a short time. The reason for this is that these veggies are rich in sulforaphane. They have good effects on the neurons in our brain and have the ability to repair and replace the old neutrons.

Want to reverse your brain age 3 years? Then a good cup of squash daily could be the solution. It is the Beta-carotene that energizes the brain cells, that has the ability to set your brain age in reverse, and it also nourish our brain.

Flushing is something we often thing about when it comes to our digestion system, but have you ever thought about flushing your brain? In Spain they use a lot of onion and they have found that just ¼ of any type of onion a day is preventing the brain from aging up to 20% and actually can make it 6 years younger. It is the polyphenols that actually is working in your liver and making your bloodstream go through toxifying flush that also gives benefits when the blood stream flows through your brain.

Brain food are easy to include in our everyday meal

Beets are perfect to use if you want to reduce inflammation. They are just excellent in cleansing the blood and make it just boots your brain with energy. It gives good mental performance, are also giving you more energy and boost your exercise and not only that, but they boost your energy and performance level.

Blueberries are something to just eat every day because of the delicious taste and all the benefits it gives. They have high levels of vitamin K, C and fiber, and are one of the best sources for antioxidants. It protects our brain from stress, and therefore also gives it more stable energy to work more concentrated and longer.

Chocolate is something I would like to eat every day, and with the healthy options of chocolate, you actually can. There are so many benefits and I will just mention a few her: high on flavonols that have antioxidants that makes you blood flow easier to your brain and heart.

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Best foods for the brain

  • Dark chocolate
  • Beets
  • Blueberries

“You Can’t buy Happiness… But you can buy Chocolate… & that’s kind of the same thing”


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