Ready to…

Make Life

Fun Living!




YOU are on the agenda


It is more valuable than gold…

Still it is the most easiest thing to loose.

And by loose… it means we never get it back – once it is gone –

But… It is possible to change our habits & make time Fun Living.


JESUS Make Life Fun Living

We shall once again have a visitation of revival where we are –
we can plow the field – prepare for the revival to brake out –
Making territories aligned under the power of God.

Where we set our foot – we take dominion.
Dominion for others to make a harvest – 
for the revival to brake out –

There is still a whisper from the last revival left in our generations 
– a whisper that will roar like a lion with the touch of our prayers.

Everywhere we set our foot –
One generation to another shall praise his works –
& declare his mighty acts. Psalm 145.4

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JESUS Make Life Fun Living

John 3.16


We all have a life where our actions show what we love in life. What our minds and hearts are occupied with, is what we speak about, put  our effort and time into, and what we will give more to accomplish to make happen.

Is this something that just happen in our life,

or does our everyday choices make us who we are?

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Fight for your right


It is a victory where we come to the point that our flesh becomes silent and we just trust God.

So often we have so much noise in our head or around us that we cannot seem to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit clear enough. We might hear it, but there are so many other sounds that compete or distract so we struggle more than we need too.

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Walk on Water


We all go through lives seasons – in all its colors – and we put on our glasses of previous memories and experiences and in the best way after our ability to see the world around us clear. But sometimes it is blur – and often when it is blur – we look to see and listen what the world around us are doing. How they are managing their colors. So, You see, You are being observed – being watched – making a difference in others life. No matter if you know it or not.

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Start A New Path

Your steps are ordained by God. Who you are have a purpose.

You are not a coincidence – YOU matter.

What you do have an impact in this would, and YES you can walk on water.

You are made perfect in the image of God.

You are made exactly the way God has written in his word.

As the word says you are – So are you. As the word say you can do –

So you can do.

It is all in the decision. 

To walk out of your comfort zone.

To walk out of living out from your soul & into living out from your spirit.

It is a fun life. It is a life filled with freedom.

It is the way you are created to live & the only life that will truly satisfy your soul and spirit.

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Make life fun living

create your future –

make a difference for others

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