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In 2016 LivingJeanette was founded by me, Jeanette.

I wanted a change in my life and started on a journey that has now given me many new memories and friends all over the world.

My passion in life is Jesus and to tell about who he is – what he has done & what he has given us. 

LivingJeanette was founded upon the bible verse from Philippians 4.4 “Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice.”  & the bible verse gave birth to the vision – 

                Make Life Fun Living.

You will find different books and products at my site – all with the mission to Make Life Fun Living & all rooted in biblical truths. 

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Healthy fun living

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MAke life fun living

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“In whom we have boldness & access with confidence through Faith in Him.” Ephesians. 3.12

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Walk on Water

by Jeanette Tvenge

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Pann Nu

Alana Golmei

Pann nu foundation is founded by Alana Golmei.

Pann Nu is advocating women’s rights and building leaderships.

Alana Golmei is living in India, Delhi and has worked for peoples rights for many years. She is a known name in India and have helped many victims over the years to get their justice in court and to rebuild their lives.  

LivingJeanette are run as an individual company that is cooperating with Pann Nu, and Alana Golmei.

420 Fire

Scott Nary

4:20 Fire is establishing apostolic groups throughout the US for the purpose of training in spiritual gifts, discipleship and Kingdom reigning in all spheres of influence which is available to every believer.

Crossing denominational lines, his mandate is true unity in the Body of Christ through the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit. Through practical teaching, demonstration, and application thousands of believers have been activated in the gifts of the Spirit. 

Scott is a graduate of the Reinhard Bonnke School of Evangelism. Scott and his wife, Marcy, reside in NC and have 5 kids and an English Bulldog.


Hope community Center

College and Career access


Hope CommUnity Center believes that access to careers and postsecondary education are important parts of individual and community empowerment!

Hope CommUnity Center also offers scholarship funds annually, primarily for students and other individuals involved as a participant or volunteer in center programming. These funds can be applied to costs associated with studying at any technical school, or 2- or 4-year college or university.

LivingJeanette is assisting with the College and Career  access program.