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Hi, lovely people! I’m Jeanette, and welcome to Living Jeanette. I’m living in Sarpsborg, Norway. I’m a Preschool teacher by day, but my passion lie in food, cooking, baking, photography, writing, and being outdoors.

In the end of 2015 I made some huge changes in my life and decided to have the life goal to Make life fun living. I started this site in April 2016 just to start a journey to make my dreams possible. It is a learning process. My motto has always been; it’s not how you feel, but how you deal with it, and I have taken this with me on this journey that is opening my eyes to the importance of living my life with adventure, laughter and joyously activities.

I started this blog in April 2016 to have fun with food and too see what I could learn from making my own recipes. I love reading about the benefits of the ingredients I use because it is so important to have an energic body that has lot of energy for fun living. You will from time to time find that I put some info about the benefits. Hope you enjoy the info as much as I do. Food is just one part of having a life full of fun. Good health to me also includes being grateful, doing things I love, sleep enough, being active and laugh a lot.

My goal with Living Jeanette is to give you recipes that everyone can make and that has good benefits to the body. Most of the ingredients I use have detox effect to the body, and is working well if you have inflammatory problems. My focus is good taste, colorful food, easy recipes and making it fun eating by how it looks.

You can also find me at:   http://www.instagram.com/livingjeanette 

I Hope you enjoy reading.

Hug Jeanette