My friend and I have spent the day in the old part of Fredrikstad, Norway. It is such a lovely small city with old buildings and small shops. A wonderful women I got to know some years ago has a beautiful atelier here, and we stopped bye to say hi.

Line Kjønigsen is an amazing woman. She is a former wrestler, and has taken 7 NM-Gold medals and 6 VM-medals. A strong dedicated women with a sensitivity that is rare. Her sensitivity shows in her pictures and in her contact with people. She reaches into the depts of peoples hearts and knows just exactly how and what to say.

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Walking in her atelier today was such a blessing. Her pictures have such tremendous power in it and all tells a story that touches your heart. She is getting honor from known painting artists and are getting her name known for her good art. Many of her paintings are in different shades of blue and her favorite is Duckegg. She loves colors and it shows so beautiful in her work.


She gives God the glory for her talent and is using it in so many ways to glorify him and as a testimony to tell the story of Jesus. She stands strong and are bold in her testimony about Christ Jesus and are a strong voice for the gospel and are reaching people wherever she goes.

I just love the way she and her husband was called by God to become Christians. They started to read the bible together, and read if for 3 months. She read it through all the way to revelations, and tells that she did not quite understand that part. Then she felt she was ready to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior. So, she went to meet a pastor and they prayed and she felt in her heart that all the heaviness was gone and that peace filled her heart. Her husband also gave his heart to Jesus.

They have served in the church for many years. Giving all their heart and dedication, lifting others, helping where ever there needed help, no matter what it was. The family has been a blessing to others in many years by their generosity and loving hearts.

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When I met her the first time some years ago, then she told me about her dream of having her own place to paint. An atelier where people could come in and just be blessed by visiting and that her paintings would be a blessing to people. “I want to live and serve by painting” she told me back then.

Now she is living out her dream. It has cost her a lot to follow the desires of her heart, following the guidance she felt was right for her, but she stands strong and faithful walking out her path.

Her gratitude for life and towards others shows so clearly, and in all she does, she gives Jesus the applaud. In her life, she says; “first Jesus, then family and then comes the rest”.


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