Carrot Soup is always a favorite of mine. It is easy to make and along with the cashew sauce is it something to really recommend trying. You find both the recipes below under the Continue link.

Carrot Soup For 2 Prep.time: 10 min
4 chopped carrots

3 tbsp Chickpeas

2 cups liquid from chickpea can

1 handful chopped rutabaga

2 stalks celery

1 chopped potatoes

Pepper & salt

½ tsp cumin

1 tsp turmeric

Fresh rosemary



1.    Start by putting all the ingredients in the blender.

3.    Blend well. Put in bowls and ready to eat. I prefer to eat it cold, but you can put it in the micro for 3-5 min.

4.    Enjoy with a Cashew sauce.


Cashew sauce For 4 Prep.time: 10 min

125g cashew nuts

1 cup almond milk

Salt & pepper




1.    Start by putting the cashenuts in the food processor.

2.    Blend smooth.

3.    Add salt & pepper and almond milk. You can add or reduce the amount of almond milk after how you want your sauce.

4.    Enjoy!


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