The end of January is coming up soon, and the level of excitement to continue our good goals that we set for 2018 may be harder to push through….

February is the month where most people drop their goals, and we do not want to see that happen, do we. So…

I am giving you the opportunity to get my Detox and health E-book for Free. 

Join me live on this week, and I will have some surprises for you, and some goodies that will make you chaise your goals with new determination.

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January is the month where most of us have a lot of goals for a healthier living. A healthy living does not require the big changes to our life. Having our minds set on what we add to our menu instead of what we must remove from our menu is a good motivation. Just add the good stuff, then there will be no room for the unhealthy habits, and a must is to have one day a week where we really spoil ourselves.

Sharing todays detox smoothie recipe along with some benefits info about Chlorella.

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Christmas season is full of lovely tastes and smells. Just had to make a smoothie with spicy Christmas taste; cinnamon and anise. Just perfect smell and taste for an evening meal along with some gingerbread and fruit. You find the gingerbread recipe when you click on the categorie Christmas 2016. For recipe on the smoothie, go below and click the Continue link.

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Hi you. Today is a day to remember for Living Jeanette as it now has turned into a Company. Hope to give you more info soon as I develop the sites that will give you some health products you can buy, and hopefully the coaching program will be ready to release on the blog in short time.

You find the recipe along with some benefits tips below under the Continue link.

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A wonderful day to you. Putting Sundays menu on this evening. Last day of detox week tomorrow, hope you have enjoyed some of the recipes and tips.

There are lots of food that you can include in your daily life that has a detox effect. It can be a good idea to live focused on taking good care of your body and listen to the signs it gives, often some small changes in the diet can give good results. I am putting the list of what it is good to include that has a detox effect once again. Hope it can give good guidance and be good options in your life.

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Hi you lovely ones. A joyously day to you all. Cold but lovely weather in Sarpsborg, Norway today. Have some house cleaning to do, and is looking forward to a joyful day.

Hope you have enjoyed my recipes and pictures this week. I just love sharing them, and it is always a joy to find the right angel to get a good shot and to find the right lightening to bring out the best in the pictures. I am using my Samsung mobile as camera, and just love it, but my goal is to get a camera soon and advance to prosper and challenge myself to get better pictures and find the absolute best lightening to the shot. So much fun having this as a hobby.

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