Hi you lovely ones. An amazing Friday to you. Hope you have had a good week, and that you have had time for some fun activities.

Hope you will take time to just remind yourself on how wonderful you are, tap yourself on the shoulder and be proved of all you have achieved. Every day we meet challenges more or less, and I believe it is not how the day has been that determines our feelings, but how we take our day.

Wishing you a fab start on your weekend, and hope you tap yourself on the shoulder and think of all you actually did well this week.

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 An amazing Thursday to you <3 Almost Friday so we have to start loading for the weekend with lots of joy and happy thoughts.

Putting a recipe of a smoothie cake along with the other recipes today. It is very easy to make and tastes delicious.

If you do not want to make ice cream cake, just add 4 tbsp of coconut flour, and then you have your nicecream cake done in just a second.


It is detox week and lots of good recipes this day to. Lots of good benefits and I will also share some healthy goodies that you can enjoy whenever you fancy something sweet.

There are lots of benefits from cumin and turmeric. You find both of the spices in the dinner and supper recipe. Cumin in known to have a good effect on the brain function and can give a better memory. It also has inflammatory effect and has a very high level of antioxidants and in Norway where the weather is changing, it can be a good idea to prevent disease. Turmeric has also a good inflammatory effect and is a liver detoxifier. This is think we really like when we are on detox. A happy liver gives a happy body.


Todays menu. Lots of good benefits and it tastes delicious. Enjoy!

Breakfast; Oatmeal

Lunch; Veggie salad

Dinner: stuffed pepper

Supper; Cauliflower curry salad

Snack; Smoothie cake

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Hi you beautiful ones <3 Already Wednesday. Hope you have had a lovely week so far.

Todays meny has lots of benefits that helps the body to detox, and hopefully you will find the menu fun and easy to make.

There are beets in the supper salad. Beets are known for its benefits as it is a tonic to the liver, and are high in vitamins and minerals; A, B & C, fiber, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. It also contains tryptophan which has the same effect as chocolate; giving a relaxing, wellbeing feeling.

While you are on detox, you also need to make sure to have a healthy digestion track. Mango is excellent in doing that. That is one of the fruits most common effect, among the  antioxidant zeaxanthin that play a protective role to the eye health. Mango has also a high level of vitamin A & C. So lots of good reasons to start this day with a mango smoothie.


Below you find the todays menu. Hope you find it fun and easy. Enjoy!

Breakfast; mango- cinnamon smoothie

Lunch; Pepper salad

Dinner; Tomato soup with bread

Supper; Mixed salad

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Happy Tuesday to you. Hope you are enjoying your day and are having time for some fun activities.

I just love the autumn colors these days, but I could happily live without the cold weather we are having. I am so lucky to watch the sunrise from my bedroom every morning, and the colors are just stunning now in October.


Putting grapefruit in todays smoothie. Grapefruit has lots of benefits. They contain lots of C vitamin and are high on fiber. It functions as a liver tonic and that is what we want when we have our detox. A tip is to make some grapefruit juice. I use one grapefruit and 1 cup of aloe vera water or non sweetened applejuice. Put it in the blender, and ready to enjoy.


Lots of cherries in the lunch smoothie. I have always fancied cherries, but we only have fresh for the season here, and then we eat lots of it. So frozen ones are used in this smoothie.

Cherries has a lot of good benefits. They are propped with antioxidants. Cherries actually can help you sleep better because it contains melatonin, and it has also a benefit to boost the memory since it contains Anthocyanin.

Breakfast; Grapefruit smoothie

Lunch; Cherry smoothie

Dinner; Star dinner

Supper; Pesto salad

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Hi, you lovely ones <3

Are you ready to start your detox week, I certainly am. The hardest thing for me would be to give up my morning coffee latte.

It is recommended to drink lukewarm water with lime or lemon the first thing in the morning. I have tried that, and I absolutely hate it. But go for it if you like it.

Instead I drink my own homemade tea of cinnamon and with a slice of lemon. I just cook the water with a cinnamon stick for 10 min. and then add some honey and lemon. Taste just delicious. You can also use herbal tea or fruit tea with lemon or lime.

Remember to drink at least 2 liters of water throughout the day. I like to add fruit in my water, it gives it a better taste and make it more fun to drink.    

Breakfast; Chia and oat pudding

Lunch; Salad

Dinner; Burger

Supper; veggie wrap


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Hi you beautiful ones <3 A Happy Sunday evening to you!

I am going to have a detox week and hope you would like to join me. I just like detox food a lot. Not just to follow a program, but to have fun while we are giving our body a good treat and just enjoy the meals. First I just want you that are not too familiar with detox food to know that it is fun and easy.


Detoxing have lots of benefits; boosts energy, stronger immune system, improved skin, clearer thinking, anti-aging effect, improved sense of wellbeing, cleanses the liver and detoxing the intestinal system; the food we eat gets better absorbed and provide better nutritional effect.

Food that is recommended that you avoid while detoxing;

–          Milk, cheese, eggs, cream, butter and margarine

–          Any food that contains wheat

–          Salty snacks

–          All food that contain white sugar

–          Processed food

–          Alcohol, Coffee and tea

–          Drinks containing sugar or diet versions

–          Reduce eating meat


I know that this can seems like a lot. You do not have to avoid all at once, but the most important is to avoid all kinds of white sugar and as much as you can wheat.

The most important thing is what you can include;

–          Water, at least 2 liters a day

–          Herbal tea & fruit tea

–          All kinds of fruit, fresh, frozen, dried

–          Fruit juice, unsweetened

–          Vegetables, fresh, frozen or canned in water without salt

–          Beans and lentils

–          Oats

–          Honey

–          Potatoes

–          Brown rice

–          Unsalted nuts

–          Natural yoghurt

–          Extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar

–          Garlic, ginger and fresh herbs


Remember you take the detox as it fits your goals. You do not have to follow all of the program. Maybe you would like to just have the breakfasts or lunches. Eater way you will get good benefits.

No matter how you do it, your body will get new energy and lots of other benefits. Tap yourself on the shoulder and just go for it!


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