Raw Chocolate Cake


Hi you. Lots of happy wishes on your start on the week. I have loaded the weekend with lots of sleep and rest. Sometimes it is just the best thing to take some time off and reload the batteries.

Sharing my favorite cake recipe with you. This tastes just amazingly different that it sound when you read the list of ingredients in the recipe. I have added some raw chocolate this time, and some 86% chocolate. There`s always room for desert, isn’t it, and this one is so healthy you could eat it all week. Click the Continue link below to get to the recipe.

Wishing you all a happy Monday, and remember to be awesome!

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Smoothie cakes


Hi you amazing one. Hope your day has started perfect and that you are enjoying your life. Sharing a strawberry cheesecake with cashew bowls & blueberries. I have come to make several raw cakes this season, and just love them. They are so easy to make, and takes so little time. This recipe is basically based on a smoothie recipe.

I have posted this recipe before. Just go to; http://livingjeanette.com/mini-cakes/#more-899

I was off to Drammen yesterday for an appointment, and was so glad to drive the one and a half hour it took to get there. I arrived a bit early and just had to take some time by the river there. It is so nice and there are lots of people walking, running, taking their dog for a walk etc. Just a lovely place. So I had to take some pictures, and some selfies. My daughter has told me to exercise on taking pictures, because there are so few of me. I love being behind the camera, not in front. I have been challenged to get over my fear of being in front of the camera, so I have made up my mind to overcome it, and take all kinds of funny pictures from now on. Just to get over the fear. Hopefully I am not alone having this problem…20160926_1912071