Papaya energy smoothie

My Christmas was so nice, and since I stayed at my moms place for the Holiday, it was filled with so much good food. I must admit that all the good food has placed its mark on me, and even though i had a lovely time with my family and we had so much delicious food, it is so good that January has arrived and my energy smoothie is back in business. 

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Energy Smoothie

Autumn is such a lovely season with all its color and the amazing light and foggy mornings. The only thing I do not like about autumns in Norway is that it is getting colder. As you might have found out, I just love food pictures and to find the right angel and light to just reflect the food in a good way. For the last months I have been working on several projects and have not had time to this hobby so I am sharing my old pictures with you. Hope to get time for this hobby in October, in a new location. Will keep you updated.

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Strawberry Energy Smoothie with Acai


Hope your day has started relaxing and fun I have had so much fun taking pictures this morning and the weather is just perfect ☕☕☕ As you might know I love chocolate. The last year I have not eaten any chocolate with sugar after I discovered raw cocoa. Totally delicious and full of antioxidants and other good benefits so I use a lot in my food. This recipe has few ingredients but the right one if you want energy.

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Layer Energy Smoothie


Spring is my favorite season and this year I have tried out some different shades of colors that I usually don’t use. It is fun to play with colors and see how it will turn out. My next project will have to be blue. It has been my favorite color since I was a child. Sharing my layer smoothie with you today. It gives a lot of energy and fits perfect on a joyously Tuesday.

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