Wish you an amazing Monday and a joyously start of the week.

I have set my mind and planes straight this week. Sometimes the time just fly away, and the week has just rushed away. So this week I will schedule more my activities, and hopefully be more productive.

Wish to encourage you to follow your dreams today. Be bold and dare to follow your heart’s desire. To things can happen; either you will learn how to fly, or God will catch you if you fall, and you will have the satisfaction that you pushed your limits, and the next step will be easier.

I do believe that our biggest problem is not that we try to live out our dreams, but that we stand just watching and hope someone will push us over the edge. That seldom happens, because we are the only one that is responsible for our own actions.

This weekend I made cauliflower salad and veggie sushi. My daughter is very fond of sushi, and I just cannot stand it. Sorry, but I have tried, but I love veggie sushi. Even though it cannot be called sushi then…


Hope you will enjoy the pictures. My daughter even liked it, so it has to be good. It is quite healthy, low on calories, and give good energy that lasts. I bought a green cauliflower this time. Just love the color. Cauliflower is good for the heart, and helps maintain the cardiovascular system. It is rich in calcium, rich in minerals, along with kale and broccoli it is a source to prevent cancer. It promotes weight loss and detox the body. So lots of cauliflowers for me this autumn.


Click the continue link below to go to the recipe.

Cauliflower salad For 2 Prep.time: 10 min
1 cauliflower

1 purple kale

1 pomegranate

200g fresh blueberries

1 figs

200g spinach

5 Seaweed sheets



1.    Start by putting the cauliflower in the food processor. Blend well, put in a box. Do the same with the kale.

2.    Prepare the other ingredients, and decorate the salad.

3.    To make the sushi, I first put the cauliflower on the seaweed sheets, then followed by the spinach and then in the middle some kale. Roll it together and then cut in slices.  

4.    Tastes great with sweet chili sauce. Enjoy!



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