Happy Friday to you. Hope your week has been good and that you are ready for the weekend. I am looking forward to a nice and relaxing weekend and I hope to get time to read some books that have been on my desk waiting for me for some time. Giving away my E-smoothie book today. Click the Continue link below to get your free copy. 

Lots of Christmas feeling these days, and just had to put a mix of nuts in the oven yesterday mixed in some Yukon honey. Just put in the center of the oven for about 5 min. at 200 C. Tasted so perfect that I also had some for breakfast today.

Go to; http://livingjeanette.com/christmas-spice-smoothie/#more-1630  to get the recipe for the nicecream.

You can use the same recipe to  make it as a smoothie and a nicecream. Just add less liquid if you want it to be creamy. Enjoy!


Giving away my E-Smoothie book these days. Lots of good recipes for both smoothie and nicecream. You will also find some info on the benefits of the ingredients that is used in several of the recipes. Hope you will take a look. I would love to hear what you think, so feel free to send me an mail at contact@livingjeanette.com.

To get the free Smoothie E-book go to; http://livingjeanette.com/smoothie-e-book/

Wish you all an joyously weekend! Remember to be awesome!


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