I find it so great to have some easy dinners during Christmas time. December may be a very busy month so it is so good to just have something easy to make that only take about 10 min. And I promise you this dinner makes room for more of the delicious traditional Christmas dinners.

Just sharing with you today a simple veggie and fruit pan. Easy to make, and you can just add your favorites.

Christmas pan For 4

150g Blueberries

150g Cranberries

70g corn

60g Pecan nuts

100g pomegranate

100g spring onion

1tbsp honey

1 tsp topped Tahini 

1 tbsp Olive Oil                                                 



This is so easy to make, and you can add your favorite fruits and vegetables in it.

First you mix the honey, Tahini and olive oil.

Put your veggies and fruits in the pan along with the mix and carefully stir.

Heat in a pan for just 3-5 min.

Now it is ready to enjoy.



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