Lovely Christmas season to you. Christmas day is just around the corner. That requires a good smoothie breakfast with lots of energy. You find the recipe below under the Continue link.

Christmas Smoothie  
Recipe; 50g strawberries 2 red plums 50g mango 25g Hazelnuts 25g walnuts 6 dates, remove the stones

1 cups almond milk or the milk you prefer

1 cup Ningxia Red/ or goji berry juice 5 drops Christmas Spirit Young Living /1tbsp cinnamon  


I like to use Christmas spirit essential oil instead of cinnamon in this smoothie. It gives just the perfect Christmas taste.

Blend well and add your favorite topping. Enjoy!


Raw Snack Bowls  

Makes 9 goji balls

30 g goji berries

100 g Medjool dates, remove the stones

1 tablespoon coconut flour

2 teaspoons chia seeds

20 g macadamia nuts

2 tablespoons agave sirup

1/2 teaspoon raw cocoa


Put the goji, dates and the macadamia in a food processor. Blend well. The next thing you do is to put 2 tablespoons of agave sirup in the food processor. Blend some more. Now you are ready to put the mixture in a bowl and add 1/2 teaspoon raw cocoa and the coconut flour. Mix it well.


Take 1 teaspoon Cocosa in your palms before beginning to roll the bowls. Decorate the bowls with raw cocoa and chopped macadamia nuts. Enjoy!


Christmas Spirit is a sweet, spicy blend orange, cinnamon, and spruce essential oils that tap into the happiness, joy, and security associated with the holiday season.  christmasspirit


For more than 700 years, the northwest region of China knowns as Ningxia has earned a reputation for producing and cultivating premium wolfberries. Also, known as goji berries, wolfberries have a rich nutritional profile.

NingXia Red is a powerful super fruit supplement designed to energies, fortify, and revitalize the body.

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