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Company Advantages

LivingJeanette provides services, as opposed to a product, our advantages are only as strong as our consultants. We ensure fast, personalized expert consulting.

Our team is flexible, fast, good reports of providing expert advice with high productivity.


LivingJeanette has high focus on following steps to support our consulting services:

  • Close follow up with our clients
  • Provide team members of our proprietary consulting and strategy process with personalized facts and updates.
  • Provide public speaking training in teams – communicating strategies
  • Our staff members work in special fields and are highly qualified
  • We are a small business cooperation with focus on overhead low costs and have strict corporate rules. This save us time and give us the opportunity to be closer to our customers and also save time and maintain a dynamic workplace.


Products and Service

Services Include:

  • Private and business clients
    • Strategy and consulting
    • Brand preferences, media outreach
  • Click stream – efficiency habits
  • Cross-Channel engagements
  • Measurement tools
  • Team building and consulting
  • Personal Relationship Management
  • Personal and team Performance
  • Operations Improvement
  • Risk Management

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