Starting February with a fun contest with good products to win.

To enter the contest simply add to my mailing list   and tell why you should win. Allow yourself to find some fun reasons.

The contest starts today, and the winners will be announced this Friday. In all; 10 winners.

10 winners will receive products from Young Living. I have selected a few products that I think you will find very interesting. Just take a look at the two recipes and links below and I am sure you would give it a try to get some of the products.

Lavender is used in this hot chocolate cup and you can find the recipe here; Hot Chocolate recipe.


This chocolate mousse recipe cuts out unhealthy fats and excess sugar without compromising texture or flavor. With just three dairy-free ingredients, you can have a satisfying dark chocolate mousse dessert in less than 15 minutes and without undoing your day.

You find the recipe here; Dark Chocolate mousse dessert.


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