Creamy Cake on the blog today. Easy to make and with a lot of good benefits. Sharing my Smoothie E-book with you today. Download for free.

Creamy Cake

For 8 Prep.time: 30 min


Bottom and bowls:

150g cashew

180g Medjol dates, remove the stones

2 tbsp coconut flour

 Cream Base cake:

400g frozen mango

70g lemon quark

50g almond milk

200g Philadelphia light natural

100g coconut flour


1. Start by putting all the ingredients to the bottom in the food processor. Blend well. Make bottom in a cake tin 20 cm diameter. Leave the rest of the mixture to make bowls.

2. Start making cream by putting all the ingredients in the blender and blend smooth.

3. Put the mixture in the cake tin that you already have prepared. Leve in the freezer. 4. Melt the chocolate and prepare the accessories that you want to have on your cake. Now you are ready to decorate. Enjoy.

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