January is the month where most of us have a lot of goals for a healthier living. A healthy living does not require the big changes to our life. Having our minds set on what we add to our menu instead of what we must remove from our menu is a good motivation. Just add the good stuff, then there will be no room for the unhealthy habits, and a must is to have one day a week where we really spoil ourselves.

Sharing todays detox smoothie recipe along with some benefits info about Chlorella.

Energy Smoothie For 2 Prep.time: 10 min

2 avocado

1 carrot

2 stalks celery

2 tsp chlorella

1/2 cucumber

2cm ginger, peal and cut

1 pear

2 cups apple juice, non sweetened


1/2 African horned cucumber

pomegranate, Figs



1.    Start by putting all the ingredients in the blender.

2.    Blend well.

3.    Enjoy!


Today I am posting an avocado smoothie with the detoxifying ingredient Chlorella. Perhaps one of the most notable benefits of chlorella is its detox effect to the body.
Other benefits are:

·         Helps keep the immune system working in sound condition

·         May boost brain and heart health

·         May reduce body aches and pains

·         Can support the look and health of skin

·         May support eye health

·          Helps keeps your liver healthy 

·          Can support a healthy blood sugar  

·         May support an alert and sharp mind


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