A wonderful day to you. Hope you have had a good start and are enjoying your day. Sharing my favorite smoothie on the picture above and have found a new favorite ingredients; Greens Berry Flavoured. This is a must try!

For the past 10 years I have been working as a Preschool teacher. Today i work 60% as a Preschool teacher and 40% with It Works.

It just love the freedom It works give and the possibility to bring your work where ever you want to go. I was not aware of how amazing the products work when i started, but are more and more amazed on how good results they give and how many good ingredients they put in every product to give a high quality product to a good price.

For you that have joined my 90 day detox challenge, know that we are now on our 87 day in count down. There are lots of recipies on my blog to give you detox from breakfast to supper. You can also download my Detox_Plan_E-Book

We all have our tribe language. A certain way we talk at work, around family, around friends, to our self-etc.
Our tribe can be our motivator factors or the opposite. Getting aware of how we talk with our tribe is important to reach our goals. 

Just take a moment and reflect on how you relate to these sentences;

– Awareness of how we relate to goals and change processes

– Positive Triggers; Propulsion

– negative triggers; brake

– Words have power

– which relationship you have to the words you are crucial – Status

– What status do you give yourself – what status do you get from others  

Detox is not just about food and what we put into our body. It is also what we put our mind at and what we allow in our circumstances.

A good regular detox with negative thoughts are good and if we follow up with filling our minds with positive words then we make our self a good deal. To me a good detox medicine is Gods word. Making His word my truth gives me joy, good health, prosperity, energy and a lot of peace.


A conscious mind around transitions and challenges in our lives makes us more aware and if we are consistent to recognize them immediately then we easier will reach our goal. One transition that has been a huge challenge for me for many years until I took a grip on it was when I got home from work and was going to prepare the dinner. Then I was so hungry and often not ready to cook, but just to eat so I often took some unhealthy snacks while cooking. Now I do not have that problem anymore because I often take a short break after work and take a healthy snack instead.

Know your weaknesses and make up your mind on how to avoid them controlling your life. Knowledge in the transition phase provides good and stable progress. Healthy Power – Consciousness Control.


Most of us live on detox food in our everyday life without even knowing it. Lots of vegetables and fruits have detox effects, along with different spice and with knowledge around the benefit we can put them together for a benefitable detox plan. 
Detox is just a word that produce a good clean up in our system. It is not something that is hard to follow through or take a lot of effort. The main thing is to be aware of our habits and just change the ones we are not satisfied with to the ones that gives us the benefit we want. 
You are in charge of your life. You have the control of your thoughts, habits and where you want to see changes. All you have to do is reflect around what areas you want to see a change and what effort you want to put into it. When you have decided that, stick to it and be pretty proud of yourself for taking charge over your life and driving it down the path you want it to go. You got this!

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