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Thursday has arrived and it is time to start thinking of some detox before summer sets in. Download the Detox E-book for free this weekend.

Detoxing have lots of benefits; boosts energy, stronger immune system, improved skin, clearer thinking, anti-aging effect, improved sense of wellbeing, cleanses the liver and detoxing the intestinal system; the food we eat gets better absorbed and provide better nutritional effect.

Remember you take the detox as it fits your goals. You do not have to follow all of the program. Maybe you would like to just have the breakfasts or lunches. Eater way you will get good benefits.

No matter how you do it, your body will get new energy and lots of other benefits. Tap yourself on the shoulder and just go for it!


Click on the link to get your Free E-book; Detox_Plan_E-Book

Grapefruit is a fat zapper. Make a smoothie or eat ½ grapefruit before every meal and you will see changes in your waist, and it makes the fat burn on the right places. Be sure to check with your doctor if you are on any medication since citrus can influence some medication.

Hibiscus tea is perfect to reduce the fat on our belly. The tea regulates the water balance in the body. Recommend taking 1 cup a day.

Guacamole is perfect for your digestive system. The avocado is also good for weight loss as I mentioned earlier.

If you are looking for pain killers use; Turmeric and ginger. I use a lot of turmeric in the food, taste delicious and have good benefits. My favorite tea is made of ginger and cinnamon boiled in water for 10 min. add some honey and ready to enjoy.

Lemon water is excellent for detox. It is recommended to have one glass of warm lemon water in the morning, I have to have mine cold and it does the benefits, but if you can manage to take it warm, then that is the best alternative.

Beets are perfect for detox and have such good anti inflammation source. Beets are also excellent for your liver.

Sweet potatoes, carrots and mangoes are the all time skin glower. The benefits are amazing and use it 1-2 times a week and you will notice the difference right away.



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