Hi you beautiful ones <3 A Happy Sunday evening to you!

I am going to have a detox week and hope you would like to join me. I just like detox food a lot. Not just to follow a program, but to have fun while we are giving our body a good treat and just enjoy the meals. First I just want you that are not too familiar with detox food to know that it is fun and easy.


Detoxing have lots of benefits; boosts energy, stronger immune system, improved skin, clearer thinking, anti-aging effect, improved sense of wellbeing, cleanses the liver and detoxing the intestinal system; the food we eat gets better absorbed and provide better nutritional effect.

Food that is recommended that you avoid while detoxing;

–          Milk, cheese, eggs, cream, butter and margarine

–          Any food that contains wheat

–          Salty snacks

–          All food that contain white sugar

–          Processed food

–          Alcohol, Coffee and tea

–          Drinks containing sugar or diet versions

–          Reduce eating meat


I know that this can seems like a lot. You do not have to avoid all at once, but the most important is to avoid all kinds of white sugar and as much as you can wheat.

The most important thing is what you can include;

–          Water, at least 2 liters a day

–          Herbal tea & fruit tea

–          All kinds of fruit, fresh, frozen, dried

–          Fruit juice, unsweetened

–          Vegetables, fresh, frozen or canned in water without salt

–          Beans and lentils

–          Oats

–          Honey

–          Potatoes

–          Brown rice

–          Unsalted nuts

–          Natural yoghurt

–          Extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar

–          Garlic, ginger and fresh herbs


Remember you take the detox as it fits your goals. You do not have to follow all of the program. Maybe you would like to just have the breakfasts or lunches. Eater way you will get good benefits.

No matter how you do it, your body will get new energy and lots of other benefits. Tap yourself on the shoulder and just go for it!


I am just giving you a look at the detox plan that I have set up for this week.

Every day this week you will find the day’s menu with recipes and tips to follow on the blog. Hope you find it fun and delicious.

Weekly detox plan;

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Breakfast Chia & Oat pudding Grapefruit smoothie Mango -cinnamon smoothie Oat pudding Strawberry & oat smoothie Lime smoothie Salad
Lunch Salad Cherry smoothie Hot pepper salad Steamed vegetables Pan cakes Green salad Cauliflower salad
Dinner Burger Star dinner Tomato soup with bread Red lentil soup & salad Cauliflower pizza Stuffed baked sweet potatoes Baked eggplant
Supper Green rolls Pesto salad Mixed salad Curry Cauliflower Stuffed Peppers Beets hummus Baked potato with salad


Hope you will come and join me! I will also share some snack and dessert recipes for the weekend.


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