Often, we expose to do things we want to do or dream about in fear of failing. But what does it matter if we fail, if we fall, an if other see our fatal attempt to follow our dreams? Absolutely nothing. Often our biggest fear lies in our own concern about us failing.

In order to grow you have to put some new mindset and actions that you have not tried out before. Everything new is unknown and bring some other feelings and demands in how we meet and act with the world around us. While walking; different sets of mindsets will appear. Some mindsets we must free ourselves from. The hardest part may often be that these mindset is connected to our feelings.

How we see the world around us is often connected to our thoughts and feelings and to grow we have to dare to take a step out of our common reactions. Dare to make fouls of ourselves, dare to fall, dare to take big steps into the unknown of experiences and dare to believe that it might just turn out better that we might fear.

And in this process, it is highly important that we remind ourselves; feelings and thoughts are not always telling us the truth. You see; we may often hang our lives opinion on old experiences.



Sometimes it helps to have a household cleaning in our mind. Just to put the thoughts, feelings and our behaviors in the right room. Then we can use the right cleaning product to get the room in the right order. Some rooms may be easy to clean, while others may be painful.

That is the hardest room to clean for me, because it must bring back old memories, and the pain that is related to them, and how they have made my mindset and actions not to stay truthful to my daily experiences. But when I allow myself to stay in that room, and go through the hard cleaning, getting dirty, letting others see my dirt and hurtfulness, then the room gets the right makeover. After a good room makeover, the room is fully equipped with everything it needs and appears to ourselves and others as delicate and ready to use in the right way.

Dreams are not defined by the amount of how big it is in our own or others eyes. I really like one definition of the word Dream; a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep. Maybe we also could take this into our mindset to give a good definition on what the word dream is all about in our life;


Succession of images, thoughts,

or emotions passing through the mind,

making us sense living out our dream.

So, to live out a dream might not have anything to do with our surroundings, but is more about the inner life, that by time will show itself out in our surroundings.

If we live like this, then we will be living out our dream long before the world take a hold of it, and abound in every good work.

“God is able to make all grace abound to you,

so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times,

you may abound in every good work.”

2. Corinthians 9.8.

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