“Be truly glad.

There is wonderful joy ahead”

1.Peter 1.6

This is one translation of this verse, another one is NKJV “In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while, if need be, you have been grieved by various trials.” And another KJV “Wherein ye greatly rejoice, though now for a season, if need be, ye are in heaviness through manifold temptations.“ v. 7 “That the trials of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honor and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ”

The splendor of Gods Glory is so wonderful. It has the ability to fill empty souls with life, and where there has been death and brokenness with healing and oil that makes the soul feels whole in a way you never thought where possible. You can ask for forgiveness and be forgiven and healed at the same time. You can ask for the ability to forgive and your wounds also get healed and you feel this love flow from your spirit that you know is not from yourself, because you did not have the will or ability to walk above that situation by yourself. But he is the door. And so often I believe that Jesus actually talked in pictures and terms, so we could visualize what he where teaching.

When we walk in to a door, we leave a room or a space and walk into something new. We leave something behind, and enter into what the room on the other side of the door has to offer.

It is an action, something we decide to do, and if we are aware of it or not, does not matter, because the entrance to the door affects us, the frames and the atmosphere colors us in the color the room is soacked inn.

All we have to do is enter in and walk through the door. We leave something. That something is often areas where we need changes in our life. Where we need to renew our thinking and our feelings attached to them. And the reason for the need of change, is often because if we change, our life will be more joyful, fruitful and we will live more satisfied.

We all search for that something that makes us happy, right. And often pay a lot of money, or use a lot of time on activities to fill our life with happiness. But lets us be honest; lot of the things we put into our life is just temporary painkillers to get us through the day. It just gives a short joy of happiness, and when it leaves, the emptiness, pain and loneliness is still there.

There is nothing wrong in filling out lives with good activities and fun living as long as it gives us good joy, and lift our soul. But lets also be honest about another thing, we all have areas in our life where we feel lost, where we have pain, where we come to short in our ability to change what we are facing. And it is in these areas I believe there is only one answer, and it is Jesus.

As Jesus say (John 10.9-10): I am the door, and in John 1 he also says that he is the word, so when we enter into what the word says, and fills our soul and spirit with time to study and meditate, then the word changes us. It has that power, it has the ability to make life where there is death, it has the ability to make wonders where there needs deliverance, it has the ability to make healing, and to make us have a mind that is filled with how God thinks and how he wants us to live. And he is a good God, he is a good Father. He wants us to have the best in every situation, in all we live through on this earth. An abundant life.

“Be truly glad.

There is wonderful joy ahead”

1. Peter 1.6

I like that the bible put things upside down. The proper thing to say to someone that is going to a hard time is to comfort and try to understand what the person is going through.

But here Peter tells us to be glad, and just rejoice in times of temptation and hardship. There is great joy ahead.

I do not know about you, but when things are hard, and I am worn out of my own feelings and thoughts connected to what I go through, then what I do not want to hear is; “I understand, things will get better, you hang in there.”

To me there is no comfort or solution in those words. I am in deep durt with my feelings and need a solution right there and then to raise me up on my feet and make me get back on track.

What I need is to lift my thoughts away from the situation, and a good answer that there is a reward for the pain I am going through and that it has a purpose. This is not to apply to all life situations, some things in life you need other solutions for. But in our daily life, our daily situations that we face, the common stuff, that we often make one stone to become a huge mountain. It is in these situations we apply this. Because lets be real, we all have pity parties from time to time, and lets also be real: do they really help us grow, and to reach our goals? And if we just start here and rise our self above our feelings and thoughts, then we enter into a new season where we grow and may have a whole other type of temptations.

Because we need our Faith to grow, and in order for it to grow, we need to get rith of what is hindering us in stepping up and stepping out in what God leads us to do. When we step up and out, following the lead of The Holy Spirit, then our flesh will resist, and temptation will come to see if we are willing to enter into the door, and also to stay in what we just entered into.

Because it has a price, we leave something behind. Something that is known, comfortable, something we may have known for a long time. A bad habit may give good comfort just in the fact that it is known.

Someone who tries to stop to smoke will not only fight with the addiction the nicotine gives, but also the social connection it have given with others who smoke, the comfort it has given, the known habits.

It is the same with all habits we have, and most of them come out from our thinking, that connects with our feelings, and the chain reaction is starting in the environment we are in. And our environment reacts when we step up and out and try to change something in our life, and in the meeting of this reaction we face something new, and it is in this crossing point we need to be alert, to keep on moving toward our goals and the change we want in our life.

Because it is just something new we are facing, and when we have the knowledge of what is going on, then we more easily follow through our goals. When we keep standing firm with our changes, then the environment will adjust as long as we have the right attitude. Because the environment around us has also their comfort zone, and when things change, it also creates a reaction to the new they see that you are doing. And if we are aware of this, and meet it with the right attitude, and knowledge around what is happening, then we will grow together.

Our Faith is more precious than gold, and it is tested in fire. What a wonderful heart our God has for us, what a loving father he is. He knows how to make us enter into the abundant life, the good life. A life where we can be truly glad right now, and have great joy waiting ahead in the midst of temptations and trials.

And Peter is here talking about temptations and trials, not persecution. That is a whole new subject, and it is important that we do not mix these words together, but know what the bible say about it.

So, I encourage you today to step up and out to follow your inner dream, to pursue the changes you want in your life, and if you have already started to make changes, keep on track, stay firm, and you will reach your goal. And when temptations come to make you go back or try to miss your goal, just remind yourself that you are on the track and that your Faith is being tested. You will make it when you stay firm and dedicated to your decision.

You will reach your goal!


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