I took a morning walk in the neighborhood today. Just me and the Mobil camera. It is my last day in Delhi and I just wanted to connect with the people in the streets where I have been living these days.

Selfies are a connecting word in this street. Having a communication with no other words than smiles and taking pictures showing their story. Connecting, smiling, they showing what they have that they are proud of, and mostly it is each other. They show me things they have but most of all they want me to meet the ones they are staying together with. Old, young, children, babies, come out one by one until they all are gathered to talk and just see all the pictures on the camera.


My favorite sentence; a smile can be a miracle, still shows to be true. And for a moment it seems like the daily stress and worries are gone, and a good laughter and a smile is the connected conversation through the photos that are taken of them on my Mobil.

The street is not to long, but it took me longer to go down the street because of all the people wanting to connect and just spend some minutes together with me. Wonderful people that are facing hard city living.


In this street there are so much action going on, and the bike man carrying his carpets on his bike, and the ironing shop in the street creates a mood of life and non-traditional Norwegian work routines and habits that I’m familiar with.

Give them a smile, and you get three back. If they see your camera, they will shout selfie and it is hard to walk away from them because of the good connection, the smiles and laughter we have shared together.

20170124_111256 tepper

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