We all have a life where our actions show what we love in life. What our minds and hearts are occupied with, is what we speak about, put our effort and time into, and what we will give more to accomplish to make happen.

Is this something that just happen in our life, or does our everyday choices make us who we are? What do you think?

Might there be a choice we take unconsciously or by termination?

I think there is both. I believe that if we are aware of our priorities in life, then we will also be aware of what it would have to take to accomplish these goals or dreams.

What you love in life determines your willingness to walk down the path that directs you to your dreams. Honesty will see you through the obstacles and reach the finish line. Each obstacle puts us on a choice, a choice to put first on the ladder what we love the most. What we put first makes the whole difference if we get past the obstacle or not.

What you love in life determines your willingness to walk down the path no matter what it cost.

You see; we all put what we love on top of the latter, and by doing that, all our flaws and mistakes are washed away or made stronger depending on what we love.

The beauty of having the ability to make choices, is that you can always have the opportunity to rearrange your priorities. That I believe is where our honesty comes in. We all have a set of thinking and some behavior that will resist making the necessary walk to reach what we desire.

Jesus said in Matthew 22.37-39, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself”


To me this is what needs to be on top of the latter. When we put our life in the spot of God’s love, then our priorities get right. When obstacles come our way; if we are honest to our self, He will make us pass the obstacles. I do believe that our flaws, mistakes and weaknesses will be washed away by his love as we walk. Being honest is something that will be required each step we walk and passing each obstacle because we will face things in our own lives and from our circumstances.

Take a deep breath and just relax in your walk

Honesty is facing the truth about yourself and about what you face, bringing it to the Cross, allowing The Holy Spirit to deal with it while we put all our trust in that the process is part of the path to reach the finish line. 


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