There are lots of treasures to be found in India`s dust. Hidden golden treasures, waiting to be seen and placed on the spot where they feel that living is something good to wake up to everyday.


Like the boy we drove by today working at the Coconut refreshing station selling coconut water to the drivers. Gold digging stories to let him get a voice, a voice to tell his story. There seems to be so many stories to be told in these streets, to be finding the gold in the stories and to find out how to brush the dust of.


We passed the boy on our way to the Police station in the east region. Where there was set a meeting with the deputy commissioner of Police. The meeting was appointed by The North East Support center & Helpline team where my friend Alana is working and running the non-profit organization. This is common meting for the organization and my friend, but it was the first time for me to attend to this type of meeting where the agenda was to help two victims to get their justice and to get their case lifted in the right way.



So many time`s my friend Alana has lifted and helped victims to get their justice, help and healing after devastating experiences. She let me come with her to listen to two of the victims telling their stories. Their silent trust and confident in her even though they know that the legal system not may give them justice is amazing to watch. They show a tremendous trust and confident that just by having her on the case and her being there lifts the burden of pain and helplessness.


For many years, she has worked with helping people to get their justice and to help them get back on their feet again. Running non-profit organization for many years that has a good reputation in north India, and where people know that if they only contact her, they will get help and be lifted of the terrible experiences.

She told me;

“If you know how to survive in Delhi,

then you can survive anywhere in the world.

Especially as a woman”

She has been gold-digging in the dust of India for many years. Finding the gold and brushing of the dust so that the victims she is helping both see the beauty in themselves, but also are lifted up with new opportunities in life to show their beauty to others. She has paid the price of 24/7 being reachable for victims, paying from her own pockets, never expecting anything back.

Living out into actions day by day the Parable of the Good Samaritan from Luke 10.25-37.

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