I have always been very fond of burgers, and especially all the variations you can do with the content you put in them. This time I have had corn, celery and chickpea puree,  and of course lots of fresh thyme. My favorite spice nowadays.


30g sesame seeds

100g rice flour

50g chickpea flour

25g yeast

4 eggs

salt & pepper


Start by putting the sesame seeds in the food processor. Blend well. Then you put the sesame, rice flour, chickpea flour & yeast in a bowl, and blend well. Taste with salt & pepper.

Now you can whip the eggs well and mix everything together. It gets 2 burger bread out of this mixture (Make  4 bread, two topp + two bottom). Cook in the center for 15 min. 175C.

Put your favorite stuffing in the burger bread and enjoy!


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