Hi you beautiful ❤ Pray that our hearts may overload with thanks for all he has done, and all that he does for us. May we place our heart and soul deep in his faithfulness and love and walk out each day the road he leads us on. May our lives be the testimony of his greatness and amazing love for us.

I am just amazed by Gods handwork these days. How He just show his faithfulness and grace in the everyday situations. When we walk on the road he puts before us; peace and joy fills our heart.

Speaking out his word in our lives and over our lives makes the enemy lose his power and we walk out in victory. Last year I had a verse that followed me and that I was reminded off to believe over my life and make a truth for me and my daughter. When my hope started to fail, the verse popped up and stirred up my faith.


Today when I dusted my house; I found the same verse. And I just have to share with you what an amazing and loving God we have that puts everything so perfectly together to make us safe and secure in our walk with him.

When I was 16 years old my family and I was at a Christian tent camp meeting on the island Øland in Sweden. It was such a lovely place with white beaches and such a great atmosphere of God.

God had been calling me for about a year to consider to take Jesus as my Lord and Savior into my heart. I did not understand all that He was doing, but He kept faithfully talking to my heart, letting me know about who Jesus was and what He had done for me.


Saturday evening there were a meeting in the tent and I remember just crying and feeling such a wonderful atmosphere and that I just had to say Yes to Jesus as my Savior and Lord. My whole life changed from that day. Amazing heavenly life became a part of my life along with a strong persecution in all I did and said as a Christian. But the most precious thing I remember was the enormous love from Jesus that was surrounding my life.

Lately the same love has come over me, and the same faith walk I lived in back then; were I surrendered all to Jesus; All.

The day after I got saved we came over a painter on the camp. He sat out in the lovely weather painting. His signature in all of his pictures were to implement coal, and I was so fascinated by this and wanted to have one of his paintings. My parents ordered a painting without knowing of my wish. The painting contains the things I value highly and which gives me much pleasure and joy. The painting has been in my parents’ house for many years. Today the painting is mine.

Today I turned the picture around to wipe dust of it. I had not paid attention to what was on the back of the picture; but today I did.


On the back of the picture the painter has written the same verse that has been in my heart in 2016; Jeremiah 29.11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

To me this picture has been a reminder and symbol of God’s grace in my life and the day that I started to follow on the path he has for me. A reminder in difficult times to remember the amazing way he touched my heart and changed my life when I got saved. I have over the years just looked at the picture to stir up all God had placed in my heart when things have looked difficult and I have felt that my life has stayed unchanged.

And today when I dusted the picture and came over the verse; I shared the story of the picture with my daughter and her friends.

How He loves us, our God. How He in his perfectness uses everything to show us that He is faithful and is walking along with us every step we take and that he is able to always make us turn back on the road He attended us to walk on.

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