I will launch my new concept on my web site this week. I have been working with the ideas for some time, and I find it to be the right time to expand my website.

My food blog is something I wanted to start with as a project both for personal benefits, but also as a learning process since I did not know much about all the benefits of detox food and the new diet I was trying out. I will continue having food recipes from time to time, and my Insta account will be mostly food pictures. Let me know if there are something you miss in my new profile on my blog and website. Email me  Or comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

As you might know I have recently been a trip to India to visit my dear friend Alana Golmei. It was so educational to me and it brought out some of the things I have a heart for. Thankful for all the memories and all the wonderful friends i met.

My next trip will go to USA, Florida with my daughter. We are leaving on the 17. February 2017 and will stay for 10 days, leaving on the 27. February. Looking forward to be back in Florida. I was visiting there several years ago, and just fancy all the palm trees and the warm weather.

Working on my website as my business; means I will be communicating from the internet. New ideas and new launching is coming soon. I will put up E-books, courses and Web shops very soon on how to Make life fun living in your everyday life. I want to make my business transportable and to be able to work where ever I would be located. Very exited and happy to start working on this new project.

Looking forward to launching my new site soon! Wish you a wonderful day!


200g cashew nuts, soak them in water overnight.

Remove the water and put in the blender

along with

two cups coconut milk

and seeds from 1/2 vanilla.

Enjoy 🍃


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