The finest art in life, are human souls touched by the hand of Jesus.

The world we live in wants to give us so many glints of what will make us happy and successful. There are so many recipes on how to and how not to. In the midst of it all confusion easily can fill the lives of people. Confusion that gives a feeling of emptiness that often is tried to be filled with idolization of others, trying to live the successful story that will give the right likes, views and attention.

There is only one truth that truly sets free; Jesus. The only name that has concurred darkness and all its power. The only name where true freedom is found, true healing, true deliverance and true peace.

The agenda today more than ever is to despise this name, to take the mighty power of the name away, to darken the churches to live like the world so the glory of Jesus may not shine and the darkness can go on getting darker.

When this is accepted and the believers in Christ back off from their position and do not take stand against the darkness, not lifting the mighty flag of Jesus Christ and his victory on the Cross; Then the rulers of darkness set their foot on territories and take over and make strong holds. The strong holds of this mighty forces will afflict the people living in this areas, also the Christians if they are not aware.


Therefor it is highly important that we reveal what kind of territories we live in, take authority in our own lives not to bow before these powers, and also take our position on the wall to fight for the Christian leaders, the churches and the Christian community to stand strong and lift up the name of Jesus like never before.

The name of Jesus that also is the word. The word that is our sword against all that fights that tries to take our rightful stand in Christ.

The mighty name of Jesus who is the only name that gives Salvation. The only name that sets truly free, the only name that gives true healing, deliverance and a life of hope, joy, peace and love.

We have to take back that it is our right to call him; Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

For years now the enemy has slowly reached into the minds of so many Christians that he is not Lord. Not Lord in your life, not Lord over your family, not Lord in your church nor your community.

We must take the mighty authority that lies in the fact that He is Lord of all back inn all the areas of our life.


But the enemy has not stopped there. The lies are whispered in so many ears; he is not Christ, the risen one with mighty resurrection power.

Because if we take away the meaning of Christ, then the darkness can rule with all their lies first and foremost in the churches with the lie that there is no difference in living like a Christian and not living like one.

Christ came to give sinners a choice to get forgiveness and to become new creations and heirs of the Kingdom of God. Living a new life according to the word of God.

God is looking for people to stand on the wall to fight with one hand and to build with the other.

In Ezekiel 22.30 God says; “So I sought for a man among them who would make a wall, and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found no one.”

Let this not be true. Let us be the one He seeks for. The ones that take a stand on the wall.


That in our hearts and minds live according to the word, lifting the name of Jesus high.

The Christians who actually listen to what Haggai gives lectures about in his book. To build the temple of God, who is his church his people. A people who sees the ruins and knows how to build it up again.

A people that listen to our God and follow the instructions of The Holy Spirit in our lives. A strong people with the identity in Christ Jesus, with now fear. That boldly walk in their faith walk with God. Knowing that the glory of the house of the Lord will be mighty, victoriously and gloriously because the name of Jesus is its identity.

Smashing down the devils lies in the churches that has lived up to Ezekiel 34, and showing that the mighty power of God still exists, still redeems, still delivers, still heals, still holds salvation-mercy-grace-love as its flag. Saved by the blood, delivered by the name; new creations by Jesus.

Handmade by God, picked out to live in glory where the Holy Spirit gives new life to the dead bones in the walleye and give us peace and rest in the new land that we are living out ; The kingdom of God.

What beauty it lies in the salvation of souls that has surrendered their lives to Jesus.

Jesus the only name that can change our hearts, souls and body’s to live abundantly, beyond what our dreams are.

His amazingly grace and love has given us all by this wonderful name; Jesus.

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