Spring is my favorite season and this year I have tried out some different shades of colors that I usually don’t use. It is fun to play with colors and see how it will turn out. My next project will have to be blue. It has been my favorite color since I was a child. Sharing my layer smoothie with you today. It gives a lot of energy and fits perfect on a joyously Tuesday.

Yellow layer; 100g frozen mango 1 banana 4 dates 50g peanuts 50g walnuts Seeds from ½ vanilla bean 1 cup almond

Put all in the blender and blend well. Enjoy!

Green layer; 1 avocado 1 carrot 1 peach 50g spinach 50g frozen green peas 2 cups green tea 1 tbsp Moringa & 2 stalks celleri Put all in the blender & blend well.

Pink layer; 100g frozen strawberries 4 dates, remember to remove the stones Seeds from ½ vanilla bean 1 cup strawberry juice non-sweetened Accessories: Coconut Put all in the blender blend well.



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