City living across the street where I am staying with some beautiful friends in Delhi India. Right across the street where I am staying these lovely people live on the street. With such smiling faces and laughter that can be heard long way.

I arrived India today, and are having a wonderful time. The most wonderful flower bucket with a lovely card was welcoming me in the best bedroom in the house just for me. Amazing friends that have spent the whole day just blessing me with who they are and what they do.


My beautiful friend outside her apartment.


Right across the apartment where I am staying they have a vegetable marked, and I just love to take pictures so my phone where clicking pretty much. On the roof above where they sold the veggies sat a woman and tried to signal to me that she wanted me to take a picture of her, so I did. Look how proud she is.


And then I heard a voice right next to me while I was taking the picture of the wonderful lady on the roof. “Selfie”; He kept saying it until he got my attention, so we made a selfie of the city living homeless man at his little table marked along with one of his customers that were standing beside the tableshop, and they were so happy and proud.



So beside getting to know these wonderful people, we have seen Indian street marriage with a parade, been served lovely meals in friends’ homes across the city, got to know new wonderful people and have sit in a small green transport”car” that I never remember the name for. And lots of lots of other things. So, India with all the cows in the traffic, its load noises and all the homeless people with their stores along almost every road has given me so many good memories today, and the one that has made all this possible today is my amazing and beautiful friend Alana.


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