I use this oat bread both as a dessert and as a meal. It tastes delicious with applesaus, but then without raw cacao in the recipe. Otherwise, it is quite lovely to warm up and have with fruits, nuts and a little bit of syrup. It is easy to make.

50g almond flour
110 g oatmeal
25 g coconut flour
1 banana
1/2 tsp anise seeds
25 g yeast
4 dates, remember to move the stone
50g raw cocoa bites
1 tbs cocosa
1 1/2 dl water

The first step is to take oatmeal & anise seeds in the food processor. Blend well. Then pour this into a bowl. Measure the almond flour and coconut flour, and have it in the bowl with oatmeal flour.
Now you can take the bananas, dates and the raisins in the food processor, run well until it becomes creamy. Measure out the water and make sure you have 37C. Add Cocosa.
Now you can put all the ingredients together and mix well. Leave for 30 min. Then you put the mixture in a cake tin and bake for 45 min o 180C. Enjoy!


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