“Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for him”

Psalm 37.7

I just love the word Faith and walking by faith. It opens up the possibility to do the impossible, to be the impossible.

I do not know about you, but my life started out to not believe that there would not be any future out there for me. Just living from day to day, taking what came in my way, and just surviving. Many today are living in a surviving modus.

It does not have anything to do with status, poverty or bad life circumstances. Statistics show that as much as 80 % of the population in countries with good economy struggle with this.

A high number don’t you think? So, if you feel like you are just surviving, you are not alone. But no matter how your situation is, there is a solution and a way to walk out and into a way of living with joy and purpose.

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“What is the strongest pain to have?
Fighting with fear or fighting with regret”
Andrew McShea

In all my life I have had fear very present as a strong director of what I choose to do. Often it was a motivator to sharpen my senses, but often it also was a brake to make me not enter into what I wanted to do. We all have a relationship to the word.

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My Christmas was so nice, and since I stayed at my moms place for the Holiday, it was filled with so much good food. I must admit that all the good food has placed its mark on me, and even though i had a lovely time with my family and we had so much delicious food, it is so good that January has arrived and my energy smoothie is back in business. 

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Finally, I got hold of Matcha tea. The great green color you get in the food by using Matcha are so great, and it has so many great health benefits. Sunday’s cake is of course a Matcha raw cake. If you had not tried a raw cake before, then I recommend this one.  Easy to create and it can also be frozen. And it tastes just delicious, and the best part; it is healthy.

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Sharing with you my pecan jolly breakfast. This reminds me so much of the mixed roasted honey nuts we have for Christmas. 

Pecan nuts have lots of fiber and antioxidants that boost your body. All the fiber promotes colon and helps to clean the gastrointestinal system, and also can prevent constipation. It is a good helper if you need to lose weight because it increases the metabolism. It also has anti-inflammatory benefits because of the magnesium level in pecan nuts. And the best thing is that it tastes just great.

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