Blessed Saturday to you all. My daughter is extra fond of pistachios, so we are going to make our favorite ice cream later this evening. She will be volunteering at children’s day in the neighboring town. Lots of kids and lots of fun, and she might be a bit exhausted later this evening, so we have planned to stay home and watch a good movie. We have wanted to try to make vegie sushi for some time, so this is also on the agenda later. There are so many inspiring pictures on the insta so we just had to try. I am not sure how the result will be….. since it is our first time trying.

Pistachio ice cream For 2

1oog salted pistachio

2 banana

the flavoring from 1/2 vanilla bean

½ cup almond milk



Cut the banana into small pieces and freeze it down. 

Put all the ingredients and the frozen banana in the blender. Blend well. Enjoy!


Pistachios are low in calories and is a rich source of fiber. Rich in antioxidants, copper, vitamin B6 and manganese.



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