Hi you! Hope your weekend has given you a fresh and nice start. Make sure you load the batteries and make room for a lot of fun activities.

Raw beetroot cake is on today’s menu. Easy to make and tastes just delicious on a Saturday.

There is so many benefits from the ingredients that you could probably eat it every day.


Saturday mornings are always my favorite. I can just relax and have a lazy start. Today there was just an amazing sunrise with lots of frost and some fog. Just loved my morning coffee with this wonderful view. The lightening is just perfect today, so had to take some food pictures and just make some new recipes. Coming soon on the blog.

Wishing you all a joyously day. Remember to be unbelievably, fantastic, fabulously amazing.



Two Mini Cakes For 2 Prep.time: 20 min
Ingredients:Bottom and bowls:

50g Hazelnuts

55g Medjol dates, remove the stones


100g frozen cauliflower

50g beetroots from a jar

1 tbsp beetroot juice

2 bananas

1 tbsp Agave Syrup

4 topped tbsp coconut flour


50g 85% chocolate


Pistachio nuts




1.    Start by putting ingredients to the bottom in the food processor. Blend well.

2.    Use small cake tins without bottom and make a layer of 1 cm with the dough. Then use the leftover to make bowls. Leave in the fridge.

3.    Now you can put the cauliflower and the beetroots along with the beetroot juice in the food processor. Blend well. Put the other ingredients in except the coconut flour. Blend well. Now add the coconut one spoon at a time.

4.    You are now ready to put the filling in the cake tins. As soon as you have had the filling in, pull the cake tin of. Leave the minicakes in the fridge for some minutes when you melt your chocolate.

5.    Now you can make the bowls. I have used chopped pistachio nuts on the bowls, but you can youse whatever you prefer.

6.    Now you are ready to decorate.

7.    Enjoy!




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