Hi you lovely ones. Hope you have had a week that has treated you nice and like you deserve. Wishing you a good Thanksgiving. That recalls for a desert, and I am reposting with a better recipe one of my first cakes on the blog. You find the recipe below under the Continue link.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Cake bottom:

200 g hazelnuts

200 g dates

20 g almonds

3 bananas

6 tablespoons topped, coconut flour

3 tablespoons agave sirup


Cake filling:

2 bananas

1 mango

4 tablespoons coconut flour


How to do the bottom:

Pour hazelnuts and almonds in the food processor. Run for 3-5 min. Put the dates, bananas, and sirup in the food processor. Run for 3-5 min.

Then you mix everything except coconut flour into a bowl. When everything is mixed, mix in the coconut flour.

Put the mix in a cake tin. I have used one that is 13×16 cm. Leave in the refrigerator for 30 min.


Cake filling:

Put bananas and mango pieces in the blender. Blend well. Remove about 2 dl of mixture. I use it as a garnish and sauce. Keep the remaining mixture in a bowl. Add 4 tablespoons coconut flour and mix well. Put both mixtures in the refrigerator for about 1 hour. After an hour the cake is ready to be filled and decorated. Enjoy!


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