Put it on paper and you will walk on water.

What defines you?

What make you, YOU?

We all are in the possession of a character, a personality. Something that defines us, makes us who we are. We might not always live to the fully potential of who we where created to be, but still we all own our own personality and are the designer of our own character. And it is in our power to make our life and our self the way we would like it to be.

A friend of mine has constantly reminded me the last couple of months of a character with a powerful personality in the bible. The interesting part is that my friend did not remind me of the story, because it is a well known story. No, he reminded me of the character of the person in the story. What did he do when he met resistance, what did he do when things did not happen as God had told him, how did he continue when he met obstacle after obstacle after obstacle. Resistance against the things God had put in his heart. The story is about Moses.

I honestly do not know if it is easiest to walk on water or walk through water as the sea departs on each side and you can walk on dry land where the sea was just few seconds ago. Totally mind-blowing. Miracles only God can perform.

But if we take a look at our own life, then some of our courageous steps in life may also have been totally mind-blowing. We all face different challenges in life, and who we choose to be and become in these times of stretching develop us. A development in our life may both be positive and negative. There is no still water in living. Life is dynamic, therefor it always changes. And it is in our power to change and develop our self and our surroundings aligned with what is put in our heart.

Like it says in Psalm 37.4

“Delight yourself also in the Lord,

and He shall give you the desires of your heart.”

To delight, to find our joy in the Lord, makes our soul content and filled with gratitude. It opens the door for God to bless us and to give us the desires of our heart.

Moses was known as a man that enjoyed spending time with God. In the beginning of his life he did not know who he was, but he got to know him, and he liked him so much that he put aside time to be with him in his busy schedule.

Another ting about Moses is his love for his family. He had his family with him in all he did, and he also depended on them to be part of his life. Like all families, they also had issues and obstacles in their relationship, but Moses always put his family as one of the top priorities, and because of that, I believe that the family issues was minimalized and did not come to the heights of problem that it might have if Moses did not have his focus straighten out right.  

As Moses did, so do we also meet challenges in life. When Moses went to Pharaoh the first time, maybe proud and honored to walk out what God had assigned him for, and certain that something amazing where about to happen and just around the corner. And he might have felt he failed God, maybe he got upset, maybe he wanted to quit and say that the assignment was not for him, or he just wanted to yell at God and give him all his anger and frustrations.

It does not say how he felt, but he was human just like you and I, so some kind of reaction must he have had. What it does say is that he continued, and continued and continued.

He did not give up even if it did not happen as he thought it would the first time, nor the second time, etc. And when He had lead the people out and away from Pharos slavery, then they came to the red sea and there was no way around and they could not go back.

Have you ever had that feeling that you have gone so far in a decision you made that there is no way around or back, you just have to go through it just like Moses lead the Israelites through the red sea on dry ground. Likewise God will make us walk through our challenges on dry land. It may also be challenges we face in our own life, reactions to the stretching and growing. He will make us go through on dry land.

All we have to do is delight our self in him. Like Moses did.

“The joy of our Lord is our strength”

Nehemiah 8.10

Vi all have things in our life or in our circumstances that we want to see a change in. When we have the courage to take the decision and decide that we will walk towards what we want to change, then we step up and out in a new arena. We are on unknown ground. We might have started the same journey before, and now we enter into what we know, but at one point we will enter into the unknown because we did not finish to see the goal come alive. And at that point starts our stretching and growing.

It is in the unknown that we often meet our biggest challenges with our self. It is in the crossing point of our reactions and the step we are on that determents if we will step up to the next step and continue to pursue our goals.

And it is here we build our character. Like Moses went back several times to Pharaoh. The first time, he was on unknown ground, the second time he had some experiences, and the third and etc he was facing the same. He had the same tactic and remained in his pursuing of his purpose. And he made it. He made pharaoh make the Israelites free from their slavery.

Moses could have had a rejoicing party right there and then, but it was no time for celebration, it was time to continue to work. They started their journey, and again an obstacle crossed their path. The red sea is not a small obstacle to find a solution too. But Moses did what he had learned to do, He turned to God and asked for him for answers once again. And what looked to the world as impossible was made possible with God.

We all have life situations that needs a miracle. We all face situations where we feel so small and powerless to control or conquer in our own ability and strength. And it is in these situations we may turn to God and ask him for his answers.

We can, and we will see our lives become what is our hearts desires. We most likely will meet some obstacles like Moses did. Surely not in the scale he had, but even so, the strategy is the same. And when we step out courageously to make a change in us or in our surroundings, then our character will be stretched and developed, and if we continue and do not give up, we will see our miracles in the areas we want a change.

It all is a matter of diligently pursuing and follow true what we want, and in it all, we have the guidance of the Holy Spirit.




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