is not number


is not the visible


is not connected to the ability of others opinion of us or our own opinion

Jeanette Tvenge


Do you know what a silent victory is…

It is a victory where we come to the point that our flesh becomes silent and we just trust God.

So often we have so much noise in our head or around us that we cannot seem to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit clear enough. We might hear it, but there are so many other sounds that compete or distract so we struggle more than we need too.

It is not hard to live in the silent victory it is just the easy switching point where we just trust the word in each situation we face.

The silent Victory is silent because the Victory already is won by Jesus, we just except and receive it. All the fuss around the victory, how it is won and what price it took is just selfish. The only one that has paid a true price for the victory is Jesus Christ and through him we can receive and live out all that he has given us.

Never the less, there is a fight and a price to be paid, but it is mostly our flesh struggling. You might not agree because we have an enemy. Well, he is defeated, and all the weapon he has is fear and lies. He is a thief that only comes to steal and destroy. A thief only comes to take something that is valuable, so just rest assured that if he come to you, you got something good that he wants to steal. You have the power to deny him entrance in your mind and in what you have authority over. It is actually that easy, if we allow it to be.


Today’s blog text is from the book -Fight for your rights.


Success;  is not a number


Every time I have done big economies sales, I have always prayed for the right person to buy, and you only need one; that is giving the right price, who is the right person for what you are selling and that it leads to a good transaction. God has always answered this prayer.Like vice, you only need one right connection to start something. Because that one, knows another one that is right, that knows someone else that is the right person, and this is how things can multiply in a beautiful way. It is better to have one right connection than to have a 1000 wrong ones. Success is what makes the vision bloom, and to Bloom = Prosperity & Favor in the areas you need it to be. Money can never be the measurement or goal, but money is just a working toy to play out your next action.

Prosperity; is not the visible


Prosperity may not be what we see with our eyes. Prosperity often is the growth within us in the areas we are walking out in faith. Prosperity always comes first to the invisible eye and then appears for us and others to see. Like a tree has its roots deep. You see how beautiful the trees are, but not how they are rooted. The bigger the tree, the deeper and stronger the roots has to be.

Therefore never, ever measure your prosperity to what the eye can see. It’s not about 1000 blessings or just one blessing. It’s about the blessing meeting where we are and in what we need and pray for.

Favor; is not connected to the ability of others opinion of us or our own opinion


To me Gods favor is one of the best blessings in the bible. To have God`s favor in our lives and on what we do is the most powerful blessings I know. It brings peace to the heart, peace in relationships, blessings in who we are and what we do, opens doors and gives access where access was impossible.

Hope you have been inspired with my definition on these three lovely words.

From the book: Fight for your rights by Jeanette Tvenge

With God All things are possible

You are set for;

– Success

– Prosperity 

– Favor 

Living Jeanette

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One of my main sentences the last years have been:

Make Life Fun Living.

Many years of working with sales and different health programs have given me the knowledge and experience of both the good effects and also the side effects in our daily life of reaching a healthy lifestyle. 

I never stop to be amazed by the benefits of food & a right mindset.

We can combine them into a program that fits our needs and combined by healthy mindset – a Healthy Fun Living is set on the agenda.

If you are looking for a way to live healthier, have more energy, glowing skin, slimmer body, less inflammation, a healthy mindset….

Then this class give you a new perspective in how to live a Healthy Fun Lifestyle.

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Today more and more goes out on the word from Matthew 28.18-20

Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,  teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.

Today we are building a vital church like in Acts 2. People are connecting from all the corners of the world – Jesus – is the name and the bible is back in business out on the streets. Join and connect.

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