Hi you! Already Saturday, and what a lovely weather we are having this morning. I am so lucky to have the sunrice giving me a fresh start from my bedroom window. I just adore the lightening the sunrice gives, and the autumn sunrice has such lovely colors that matches everything each season gives so perfectly. How wonderful everything is created.


Sharing with you my Strawberry & Blackberry Smoothie. This smoothie tastes more like icecream than smoothie and if you are not a smoothie lover this is something I think you might find delicious. You find the recipe below under the Continue link.

Strawberries are not a fruit. The seeds are on the outside, and one strawberry can have 200 seeds. They belong to the rose family. Lots of vitamin K and C and they have the benefit to whiten the teeth. Strawberries has been eaten since the Roman times.  In 1714, a French engineer commissioned to Chile and Peru, observed that the strawberry native to those regions was much larger than those found in Europe. He decided to bring back a sample of this strawberry to cultivate in France. The end result was a large, juicy, sweet hybrid (the modern garden strawberry) that became extremely popular in Europe.

Strawberry & Blackberry smoothie For 2 Prep.time: 10 min
100g frozen strawberries

100g frozen blackberries

4 dates, remember to remove the stones

Seeds from ½ vanilla bean

1 cup strawberry juice non-sweetened



Coconut cream

Dried strawberries




1.    Start by putting all the ingredients in the blender.

2.    Remember to remove the stones from the dates. Blend well.

3.    Enjoy!

 strawberry-blackberry-smoothie PDF PRINT VERSION

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