I just love these sunny autumn days. How the colors changes into beautifully earth tones, and how the air is fresh and foggy in the morning. The week is often so busy and filled with activities, so my perfect weekend is just to spend time home, relaxing and doing things I love.

Yesterday I took some food pictures. The light outside was perfect to get a good shot, and it is always nice to enjoy the food. I am a food junkie.

Posting strawberry NiceCream today, my breakfast from yesterday. The recipe is so easy and it tastes just delicious. Go to the continue link to get the recipe.

Last night my daughter was with some friends in Halden, Norway. I had made an appointment to pick her up, and had to stop to watch the beautiful fortress before we drove home. 10 years ago we lived in that city, and loved taking walks at the fortress. Sharing the picture with you. Hope you enjoy it.



Strawberry Smoothie with sauce For 2

1 banana

350g frozen strawberry

6 dates, remember to remove the stone

50g almonds

1 cup almond milk



1.    Start putting all the ingredients in the blender except 150g frozen strawberries.

2.    Blend well.

3.    To make the sauce you just heat them in the micro and then blend smooth.

4.    Now you are ready to decorate. I have melted some 85% cocoa and chopped some almonds along with blueberries and blackberries.

5.    Enjoy!

Did you know that strawberries are good to use when you are on a diet?

The low amount of calories and high fiber helps to lower blood pressure and to make you full longer. It has anti-inflammatory benefits by the content of phenols. It contains lots of vitamin C and good amounts of manganese.

strawberry-smoothie-with-sausPDF PRINT VERSION


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