A Perfect Life

If you asked someone…

What the most important thing is…

What do you think the answer would be?



Take a chance… & say… YES

My name Jeanette, comes from the name John, and has the meaning God is gracious. I am so glad that my mom selected just that name for me, because my name reflects how God has been in my life. From my birth I have always had unusual circumstances that could shape me into a victim of what I had experienced, and as a result of my circumstances, I had also acquired my own patterns of behavior that had created problems for my life.

Did you know that God seeks us first? He loves us so much that all he want is for us to come to him and accept his love. Like it says in Romans 5.8. “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

     “But God demonstrates

       His own love for us in

       This: While we were still

       Sinners, Christ died for

       us.” Romans 5.8

The thought of God did not leave my mind. I was thinking about who God was, if he exists and if he did… what my part would be to that.

For a whole year this reflection was constantly going on in my mind. I started reading in Genesis the first chapter to learn more about him. Back then I believe I had not been reading any books through, but I knew you always started at the beginning reading a book. Well, you do not have to do that with the bible…. So Genesis was to me pretty hard reading. I did not understand what it was all about.

But you know God kept calling my name, and whisper to my heart. For a whole year He continue to do that, and finally, I said YES.

Tell Your Story

Share your story today.

Share your story with others on the blog. You will bring value into their life, and what you have to tell will be make a difference. 


John 3.16

“For God so loved the world

     That he gave his one and

     only Son, that whoever

     believes in him shall not

     perish but have eternal



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